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  Het gebruik van diermodellen heeft geleid tot grote vooruitgang in ons begrip van de wijze waarop giftige stoffen in voedsel de mens beïnvloeden, met name wat betreft de interactie van toxines met de hersenen, die het geheugen, de waarneming en de stemming kunnen beïnvloeden. In deze studies is de toxiciteit van een chemische stof in verschillende mate van nauwkeurigheid aangetoond. De apotheek eerste dierproeven werden gedaan om het effect van een stof op mensen te testen. In 1929 testten onderzoekers van de Universiteit van Wisconsin een bestrijdingsmiddel genaamd thiamethoxam op mensen om het effect van blootstelling aan de giftigheid ervan op het zenuwstelsel te bepalen. De eerste dierlijke studie op een mens werd in 1932 uitgevoerd door de Universiteit van Texas.



Update: See Vicki's video
interview  interview with Cyndi Lenz at the 2008 Annual LDN Conference.

     I went to the doctor in 1996 complaining of some tingling and numbness in my arms and legs. In 1998, after two years of testing, I was finally given the diagnosis of Progressive Relapsing MS. By then my symptoms had worsened: balance, memory, speech, sensitivity to touch, spasms, extreme pain, fatigue, bowel and bladder problems and various other symptoms of MS had become my way of life.

     My neurologist gave me information about some of the different therapies in use for MS, and recommended Avonex. I began the weekly injections, which brought on horrible side effects of flu-like symptoms, fever and chills. I was also on Neurontin, Baclofen, steroid infusions and a list of other medications that would fill this whole page. Not to mention two infusions of Tysabri before it was pulled from the market in 2005, for causing a rare brain disease resulting in death. My pain was unbearable throughout all of my body, and I spent most of my time on the couch or in bed, depressed and hating life.

     I stayed on Avonex for the next six years, but continued progressing at an alarming rate. Eventually my doctor decided Avonex had run its course and changed my injections to Copaxone. The side effects from the Copaxone eventually ended me in the hospital. No longer able to tolerate Copaxone, I moved on to Rebif, which turned me into a mental monster, not only was I hating life and everyone around me, but the progression and pain of my MS was becoming unbearable. The last six years were spent on vicodin, up to 10-12 10 mg tablets a day. Because of the high dose required to control my pain, the doctors thought it best to start using a morphine patch. Turns out I was allergic to morphine, so then it was on to oxycontin. I had to give up my greatest passion, golf. I could not even ride in the cart with my husband, the smallest of bumps would send even more pain throughout my whole body. Before the second hole he had to take me home, where I would go to bed and cry because I no longer was able to endure such a simple task. Its funny how we take the simplest of daily tasks for granted.

     In October 2005 my husband, the biggest skeptic of all, came across a drug that he read about on the Internet called LDN (Low Dose Naltrexone). After some diligent research on the drug we decided that I had nothing to lose, and some of the stories that we read from others who were on it were very inspiring. After all the drugs Id taken, could this tiny pill be all it would take to stop the progression of my MS? I had to try it. You cant have any opiates in your system when starting LDN, so I had to detox for two weeks. Those were the hardest two weeks, horrible shakes, sweats, and crawling skin. My only thought was this had better be worth it!

     I started on LDN October 2005 and felt improvement within two days; my energy level was amazing. Still unsure of what was to come I continued the LDN and kept my fingers crossed. By then end of 6 months I was pain free, the numbness and tingling were gone, my memory had improved, my balance and walking were no longer a problem and other problems I had developed were gone. Im loving life again, my family, friends and myself. I am no longer on any medications except vitamins and my LDN. I am, after 9 years, no longer on an anti-depressant. Im truly happy I found LDN when I did; another year and I would have had to use a walker, I was loosing strength and the will to walk.

     Its now March 2008 and I havent been in the ER or at my doctors every other month, I havent had an attack nor am I on any other medications besides LDN. I am back playing golf, my energy level is amazing, and I am no longer in the horrific pain I once lived with. YES life truly is good once again; I owe it all to LDN. Im grateful to Dr. Zagon, for his discovery and Dr. Bihari for having the interest in reading the research and trying LDN with his patients.

September 2007 Update from Vickis Nurse Judy

     "Nothing short of a miracle", is a phrase that aptly describes my friend Vicki. Diagnosed in 1998 with MS, the ensuing years have been physically challenging and mentally devastating. Living with a chronic, debilitating disease that over time eroded and completely changed the person she was would be enough to make most people give up. But, Vicki continued to hope SOMETHING could be found to help her. After years of belief in standard medical treatments, even in the face of continued deterioration, two yeas ago Vicki made the very difficult decision and stopped all currently approved medications. Years of horrible side effects had taken their toll. She had heard about and investigated the treatment of MS with low dose Naltrexone, which was being used off label and seemed to be helping people with few or no side effects. She asked my opinion. Im her nurse friend, an RN, and had in fact given her weekly shots for five years and couldnt deny the fact that she was much worse than shed ever been.

     So, my advice was, why not try what just might give you some quality of life. In the past two years I have seen a transformation that really is a miracle of sorts. Vicki has gone from a woman who lived with constant pain, usually couldnt walk without dragging her right leg, was exhausted, unfocused and at times confused, to someone who is unstoppable! She is clear headed and articulate, requires no pain medication, can walk miles and still have energy and has a zest for life I last saw in her 11 years ago. She truly has found the self she lost! Most recently she is considering going back to work, something that was totally unthinkable two years ago. I cringe to even think where her life and health would be today had she not started the Naltrexone. My prayer for Vicki is for continued good health and many more years of all life has to offer.


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