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The Promise of Low Dose Naltrexone Therapy

New LDN book by
Elaine Moore and
SammyJo Wilkinson

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Low Dose Naltrexone faces an uphill battle when it comes to research, because it is an inexpensive generic drug. That's why patients have taken it upon themselves to raise awareness and funds. And it is working!  

LDN AWARENESS DAY - Wednesday 21 October 2009


Meet Vicki Finlayson on the Capitol steps May 19th 2pm 

Send Governor Schwarzenegger an email and tell him to meet with Vicki!

Vicki Finlayson, a patient with multiple sclerosis (MS), used to have trouble walking from her living room to her kitchen. Now, with the help of one generic medication prescribed off-label, she is walking 53 miles from her home in Auburn California to Sacramento. Vicki is raising funds for research into the drug protocol that brought her MS into remission, low dose naltrexone (LDN). Besides its benefits in MS, LDN has been shown to improve many different autoimmune, oncological, and neurodegenerative conditions.

Vicki's conviction is as a strong as her stride. "I've been calling and writing Governor Schwarzenegger office. To make sure he hears me, I'm marching up the Capital steps! This medication deserves immediate research funding, it can help more than MS, it stabilizes the immune system, so it helps all manner of diseases, like cancer, Parkinson's, Lupus - many autoimmune disorders." Join Vicki in her fight. For more information, see www.LDNers.org

Vicki's fundraiser in 2006 was responsible for raising the majority of the funds for the first human trial of LDN for MS at UCSF. Her current efforts are directed towards the LDN research at Penn State, where Dr. Ian Zagon has made key discoveries about LDN's effects on the immune system.
To support Vicki's mission, please contribute to LDN Research:

Checks should be made to "Penn State" and mailed to:
Office of University Development
Penn State University
P.O. Box 852
600 Centerview Drive
Hershey, PA 17033

Include the following letter:

This contribution of $___ goes to Dr. Ian S. Zagon for LDN/OGF Research.
No monies are to be taken out for indirect costs.

Please send a tax donation letter for my contribution to:

Your Name, Address, Phone # (this is required information, no anonymous)

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Focus on Low Dose Naltrexone: Vicki Finlayson's March to the California State Capitol
  May 18 2008  By Elaine Moore, Suite101.com

A promising MS drug has her walkin' - Vicki Finlayson says LDN has her walking strongly again
  May 16 2008  Sacramento Bee, Front Page

Capitol Stride: Lake of the Pines woman walking 53 miles to promote MS drug  - Additional pictures of Vicki Finlayson's LDN walk
May 16 2008  Auburn Journal, Front Page

Vicki Finlayson tells her LDN success story
  Apr 2006  Auburn Journal

Vicki Finalyson has raised over $17,000 in funds for LDN research

Vicki's LDN story in her own words

For Vicki's contact info, please send an email.



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