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The Promise of Low Dose Naltrexone Therapy

New LDN book by
Elaine Moore and
SammyJo Wilkinson

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LDN Surveys

LDN for MS Survey Results

LDN Survey #1 Results  (PDF)  

Relapse rate, symptoms and disease progression reported by this sample of 267 LDN users. Key finding is a very low relapse rate of 0.2, or 1 in 5 years. Detail records available upon request. Posted July 12, 2004.

For a 1 page summary of survey results, see my slideshow, presented at the 1st LDN Conference in 2005:
  Slides  or  (PDF slides)

LDN Survey #2 Results  

 This survey tracks the change in disability before and after LDN for 157 respondents to the survey. 

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From the LDN Research Trust 

Take the survey to monitor LDN as a treatment for MS 

All the anecdotal evidence will be collated and presented in a statistical format to help gain funding and support from the medical profession. Eminent Neurologist Dr Alasdair Coles, from Addenbrookes hospital in Cambridge has given his approval and consent to this survey. Complete the online survey form, click "send" and it will go directly to the LDN Research Trust. The LDN Research Trust will not pass your details on to a third party for any purpose whatsoever.


Those Who Suffer Much KNOW MUCH  
 Cris Kerr’s freely shared resource, featuring a large collection of LDN testimonials as case studies. 




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New Research
First Clinical Trial and 
LDN Hypothesis
3rd Annual LDN Conference
October 2007

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