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The Promise of Low Dose Naltrexone Therapy

New LDN book by
Elaine Moore and
SammyJo Wilkinson

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Up the Creek with a Paddle: Beat MS and All Autoimmune Disorders with Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN)

Mary Boyle Bradley

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LDN Web Links  
Dr. Bihari's 20 years of clinical experience with LDN for MS, cancer, HIV...

Worldwide Petition Drive for LDN Research - over 11,000 so far - add your vote!

UK LDN Research Petition Drive and Interview

How To Talk to Your Doctor about LDN 

RemedyFind/RevolutionHealth: Naltrexone 

LDN Q&A with Dr. Skip Lenz, Pharm.D. F.A.S.C.P.

LDN Patient Tracking Database for all diseases
, started 2009. Post your results!
   MS survey matches SammyJo's 2004 survey for comparison.
   This is not "just anecdotes" - this is Patient Based Evidence!

Project LDN: Funding Clinical Trials - and organizer of the USA LDN Conferences.


MS Resource Centre
  LDN info for those in the UK, and reports from those on LDN 

PatientsLikeMe  SammyJo Profile
  Resource for tracking your MS, and many patients using LDN.

Neuro Immune Disease - Dr. Gihooly's program for MS, Chronic Fatique, ME & Fibromyaligia

MS Naltrexone Information by The Compounder, Dr. Larry Frieders, R. Ph.

Crystal's MS, TM and LDN Website
  Contact Crystal for a list of doctors who prescribe LDN.

"Up the Creek with a Paddle"
  A Book About How to Beat MS and Many Autoimmune Disorders with LDN

LDN Research Trust 
  Fund raising for a clinical trial of LDN against MS

The Mystery Journey ~Multiple Sclerosis an LDN user's story & LDN info

Polish Language LDN Site

Italian Language LDN Site

Julie's Low Dose Naltrexone Journal - Julie Stachowiak, Ph.D.,


General LDN Discussion Forums

Patient's supporting each other is how we have learned to utilize LDN.

Yahoo Discussion Group: lowdosenaltrexone  
  Large discussion group, over 4000 members.

Yahoo Group: LDN_Information - Extensive files collection on LDN research.

Yahoo Group LDN_Users - Support group, talk to others using LDN.
  Started by Crystal, who mainatains the MS, TM and LDN Website.

Yahoo Discussion Group: MSWatchers

This is MS: Unbiased MS Community 
  An easy to understand explanation for LDN & MS, and Forum

Histamine, LDN & Alternative MS Therapies  - Earliest LDN forum.

LDN_4_Cancer - LDN and cancer yahoo group.

Hepatitis Children & CAM Alternatives - Discussion forum including LDN.

Healing Parkinsons - Destiny's discussion group on LDN & other alternatives for PD.

Neurotalk forum discussion on DM and LDN for Parkinson's (also see Research section)

Go to NeuroTalk, search LDN and naltrexone to see all the conditions patients are using it for.

Low Dose Naltrexone Forum  - Jump right in, no registration.  

LDN For Conditions Other than MS

All Conditions which LDN may help - at

Autism - LDN information from Dr. Jaquelyn McCandless
  Discussion  Powerpoint Autism-LDN Yahoo Group - check Files section too.
Book   Videos: 2006, 2008

AHSTA - Alternative Health Solutions for Thyroid Autoimmunity, LDN topics and surveys.

LDNforFibro - Discussion group of patients using LDN for Fibromyalgia.

LDNandIBD - Discussion group of patients using LDN for Crohns, Colitis and IBS.

LDN4cancer - Dee's story & LDN info, including published papers on treating cancer w/ LDN.

The Mali HIV+ AIDS LDN Initiative, Dr. McCandless

LDN Compounding Pharmacies

Price for 1 mo supply is around $30. The following are familiar with compounding low dose naltrexone (specify fast release form). It is easy to arrange mail-order delivery. Also check Dr. Bihari's warning on unreliable compounding.

Skip's Pharmacy, Boca Raton, FL (800) 553-7429
The Compounding Apothecary, Edmonds, WA (877) 522-4466
Grandpa's Compounding Pharmacy, Placerville, CA (530) 622-2323
Clinic Pharmacy Oshawa, Ontario, Canada (905) 576-9090
Pacific Compounds Forest Grove, OR (877) 357-1771
The Compounder Pharmacy, Aurora, IL (800) 679-4667
Apothecary Options, Chico, CA (866) 586-4633
Irmat Pharmacy, New York, NY (212) 685-0500
Village Apothecary, New York, NY (212) 807-7566
The Medicine Shoppe, Canandaigua, NY (800) 396-9970
The Medicine Shoppe, Arlington, TX
The Prescription Center, La Crosse, WI (800) 203-9066
Smith's Pharmacy, Toronto, Ontario, Canada (800) 361-6624
Canadian Apothecary, London, Ontario, Canada (519) 439-4100
The Medicine Shoppe, Toronto, Ontario (416) 239-3566


MS Resources

Accelerated Cure Project for Multiple Sclerosis  
  (Formerly Boston Cure for MS) Systematic approach to finding the cause of MS, and up-to-date research news, including news on LDN. 
  c. Pneumoniae is an infectious bacteria implicated in a number of human illnesses, including MS. Research and treatment protocols discussed. 

The Myelin Project  
  Mission is to accelerate medical research on myelin repair.

MS-Complementary and Alternative Medicine - Rocky Mountain MS Center

The Myelin Project  
  Mission is to accelerate medical research on myelin repair.

Getting Better Together  
  MS patients sharing ways to cope with MS and pursue recovery. 


Latest News

5th Annual LDN Conference 
NIH Headquarters
Oct. 19th 2009 Bethesda, MD
4th Annual LDN Conference
A Revolution in Research, Oct
USC Los Angeles, California
"Never doubt
that a small
group of
thoughtful committed
citizens can change the
world; indeed,
itís the only
thing that
ever has

- Margaret Mead

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